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Historic Masonry Restorations - repointing - stucco - formstone - veneer stone - pressure washing - painting - waterproofing.
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Walter and Company, Inc. was first established in 1937 by John H. Walter who successfully ran the company for 21 years. In 1962, the company was first licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (#1501) the same year that the MHIC was created. In 1984, Mr. Walter senior turned the company over to his son John D. Walter who continues to own and operate the company today. John D. Walter was first trained in historic masonry restorations and preservation by his father and grandfather when his was a teenager. Since then, John D. Walter has received professional training from Mount Saint Mary's College and the University of New York Restore Workshops. He continues to pass along his knowledge and experience to his other employees that include his brothers, son in laws, and daughters.

JD Walter Restorations Crew J.D. Walter and Company, Inc. has worked with numerous historic commissions including Frederick County, Adams County, Washington County, Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore County, and Montgomery County. The family business has been operating out of the same location in the small town of Emmitsburg, MD for over 70 years.The company is very experienced in working with historic district commissions and the Maryland Historic Trust. We have complied over 200 letters of recommendations from completed projects over the many years. Please feel free to see for yourself on our Testimonials Page.

FormstoneMr. Walter senior ,who was one of the first licensed masons, became licensed in 1962 by the MHIC #1501 and ran the company for 21 years. In 1984, his son John H. Walter was licensed #21419 trained by both father and grandfather the company as been operating in the same location in emmitsburg for over 74 years. We have an unblemshied record with the MHIC since 1962 was the Maryland Home Improvement commission first started.

JD Walter has been specializing in historic masonry restoration and repairs including brick, stone, stucco textures, and log cabin chinking for over three decades. Over 90% of our work is residential but we also have done commercial and large religious structures as well. We now offer Portland stucco, with choice of textures and colors, hand scribed formstone,and brickfaced stucco, new veneer stone installation, and have also been certified for lead base paint removal in 1990. We offer chemical and light abrasive cleaning, portable and on site sandblasting to meet all needs from car parts to bridges with a variety of blast media including, silica sand, corn cob, glass bead, and many others.

Since the inception of JD Walter in 1937 our company has strived for the best in quality craftsmanship and customer appreciation as well. Our well trained staff has always had a strong moral and ethical code of conduct which has made the JD Walter and Co. family team stand out from the comptetition. We our proud of our family heritage and each and every job we have completed. All of us at JD Walter & Co thank you for taking the time to visit our page and learn a little bit about the Walter family history.